Why Oncoplastic Breast Surgery Is the New Frontier

Why Oncoplastic Breast Surgery Is the New Frontier

Why Oncoplastic Breast Surgery Is the New Frontier

Breast cancer is the most common cancer worldwide. However, early detection and the latest treatment advancements including innovative techniques offered by Oncoplastic Breast Surgery

have led to much improved outcomes and quality of life.

What is Oncoplastic Breast Surgery?

‘Onco’ refers to cancer, and this kind of surgery focuses on curing breast cancer as a priority. 

Oncoplastic Breast Surgery means combining cancer surgery with plastic surgery.

It involves various procedures blending traditional breast cancer tumor removal with cosmetic/plastic surgery techniques during the same operation to enable optimal conservation of breast shape and symmetry, or rebuilding the breast in cases where a mastectomy is needed.

It helps the patient undergo the medical procedure and simultaneously receive cosmetic restoration of the affected breast, enhancing physical, emotional, and psychological healing as well as cancer treatment.

What Are the Advantages of Oncoplastic Surgery?

  • A blend of the best approaches: Oncoplastic surgery helps combine the two most critical aspects of breast cancer treatment: elimination of cancer and optimum preservation/reconstruction of the breast to maintain the woman’s sense of self.
  • Reduced recovery time: Following a traditional breast cancer surgery, the patient will have to return for the cosmetic procedure later, prolonging the treatment journey and recovery experience and creating a potential psychological low until the breast reshaping or reconstruction is performed. Oncoplastic Breast Surgery overcomes this challenge.
  • Cosmetic outcomes not compromised: Even large breast tumors can be successfully removed without leading to breast shape deformities thanks to advanced Oncoplastic Breast Surgery’s immediate breast conservation procedures.
  • Breast sensations are preserved: Oncoplastic Surgery helps maintain breast sensation, which is not the case with mastectomy (complete removal of the affected breast).
  • Multiple benefits: Oncoplastic breast surgery can reduce breast shape deformities post-tumor removal and better tissue handling, and for women with large breast sizes, it can provide breast reduction, which can improve the patient's functionality and reduce the risk of subsequent breast cancer.
  • Advantages for all: Oncoplastic breast surgery can help all sizes and shapes of breasts in cancer cases.

The Principle of Oncoplastic Breast Surgery

Breast cancer surgery should not only be about resecting or cutting out the tumor; it must also focus onsimultaneous breast restoration and optimization as an integral aspect.

Oncoplastic surgery aims to preserve breast shape and prevent deformity, leading to the most desirable aesthetic outcomes.

Why Oncoplastic Breast Surgery?

Eliminating deformities: The simplest breast excisions in cancer surgery can sometimes result in pronounced deformities if the emphasis is primarily on cancer elimination. But suppose we follow the principles of Oncoplastic Breast Surgery. In that case, we can reduce breast distortion, enhance breast conservation even in the most extensive cancer cases, and offer immediate breast reconstruction to most patients undergoing a mastectomy.

Margins are less of a problem: Oncoplastic Surgery helps surgeons not be restricted by the issue of margins usually faced in traditional breast cancer surgeries.

But what is the margin? It is the extra tissue removed around the cancer site to ensure no cancer cells remain behind, and it can create a deformity due to tissue volume loss. Oncoplastic Surgery successfully fills the margins to prevent deformities, leading to better breast symmetry, shape and less noticeable scarring.

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Breast cancer diagnostics and treatment options have advanced tremendously over the years.

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