Wendy Menghin

Ms. Wendy Menghin is a midwife since 2004. Originally from Italy, she flew in the Middle East in 2011. After few years in Abu Dhabi she came to Dubai, and currently working in American Hospital since 2018. She has passion for empowering women on the motherhood journey, natural birth, waterbirth and to help during the postpartum adventure when the new family starts. After became a mother herself and understand even better how difficult can be, she became a Lactation Consultant too to help new mothers with baby’s feeding and needs during the first months. In American Hospital she working in the Lactation Clinic, where you can find support to breastfeed or feed your baby, and she is organizing Antenatal and Baby Massage classes. She also works in post-partum ward, following women after delivery. Every last Wednesday of the month in collaboration with her colleagues, she organizes Coffee Morning for mums and babies, where new mothers can meet each other in a safe environment and talk about the most amazing and difficult job in the world: to be a Mum.

اللغات : الإنجليزية, إيطالي
أنواع الطبيب : وقت كامل
DOH رخصة الصف : Midwife
الفروع : المستشفى الأمريكي دبي


  • Bachelor in Midwifery, University of Verona
  • International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners (IBCLC)
  • Baby Massage Instructor Blossom & Berry
  • Hypnobirthing Teacher “The Calm Birth School”
  • Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)

الجمعيات المهنية:

  • Collaborate as co-author in the book: “Birthing with hearth: the birth of a Mother”

الخبرة العملية:

  • Midwife, Ospedale San Luca, Trecenta, RO, Italy
  • Midwife, San Girolamo Fracastoro, San Bonifacio, VR, Italy
  • Charge Midwife, Corniche Hospital Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Charge Midwife, Al Zahra Hospital Dubai, UAE,

الخبرة السريرية والخدمات المقدمة:

  • Antenatal Education
  • Breastfeeding Education
  • Postpartum Care
  • Baby Massage