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Medical Team to help Kosovo refugees
30 Nov 2000
Medical Team to help Kosovo refugees

The American Hospital, Dubai in coordination with the UAE Red Crescent Society, Abu Dhabi, will send four teams of doctors and nurses to assist Kosovo Refugees.

More than 10 doctors and 40 members of the hospitals technical staff will volunteer for Kosovo.

The hospital will consist of physician specialists in family medicine, obstetrics, gynecology, internal medicine, rheumatology, ear, nose and throat and orthopedic surgery. The nursing team will include midwives, emergency nurses, intensive care unit nurses and operating room nurses.

The hospital team and volunteers will assist with the care of refugees in Kosovo as they return home.

The Red Crescent Societys refugee facilities have been moved to locations where the medical needs of the refugees will be assessed and attended to.

Barnard G. Koval, Chief Executive Officer at the American hospital, said that a request for volunteers from hospital staff to assist in this endeavor was met with overwhelming enthusiasm by physicians, nurses and other professional staff.

"Our intention is to place our medical staff at the disposal of the Red Crescent Society to work along with those physicians already in place. Their role will be based on the Red Crescent Societys assessment of the areas of greatest need. Volunteers will be flown to Tirana, Albania, on UAE government relief, flights. They will continue on to locations on the border of Yugoslavia as well as sites with Kosovo" he said.

The Hospital will be paying its staff as if they were working while they are volunteering in Kosovo, as well as contributing pharmaceuticals and medical supplies.

"Our teams will be going to Kosovo on a rotational basis as we do require them at the hospital too," said Koval.

"A team will consist of a doctor and three nurses and will stay for ten days, or a week, as per the requirement. They will constantly keep in touch with the hospital through e-mail and give us a firsthand appraisal as to how things are going over there. This will give the the other teams ample know-how on what areas their contribution is going to be in," said Koval.

The hospital is coordinating relief supplies from its inventory as well as donations from major pharmaceutical companies, including Mark Sharp and Dohme, Astra Middle East, Bristol Myers Squibb, GlaxoWellcome, Biochemie and Janssen-Cilag Pharmaceuticals.

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