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K2 Fetal Monitoring training System

American Hospital the 1st Private Hospital in Dubai UAE (MENA Region) has launch the Globally Recognized K2 Fetal Monitoring Training Program System. American hospital is committed to a proactive approach by implementing the program for the first time at a private hospital in the UAE & MENA region.

Full Completion of K2 Fetal Monitoring Training System Course provides:
10 CME Contact Hours HAAD Accredited for Unlimited Number of Staff Privileged to work in the field of Obstetrics at  American Hospital Dubai. Recommended by Abu Dhabi Health Authority (HAAD), Dubai Health Authority (DHA) plus Accredited by other Health Authorities within MENA Region

T2 management team are UK trained citizens with proven commitment as highly experienced clinicians over many years in the UK and Middle East Obstetric Units. The K2 fetal monitoring training system has shown to improve knowledge and decision making skills and recommended in the white paper randomized controlled trail (RCOG 2000 British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology).

There are currently over 50,000 registered clinicians using the K2 Medical Systems package from the most junior to the most experienced. It has been rigorously tested in clinical trials and has been shown to improve core knowledge for all grades of doctors, midwives and nurses.

Click here to download T2 K2 Educational Portal Media Pack


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