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The American Hospital Dubai Cancer Care Center has been established as a Regional Center of Excellence for Cancer Care at its Dubai medical campus since 2005. The center is a dedicated facility providing a range of Medical Oncology and Hematology services for all forms of cancers and blood disorders, with a dedicated team led by American Board Certified Hematologists/Oncologists. In addition to traditional cancer treatment options of Surgery, Chemotherapy, and Palliative care, the new Cancer Care Center is offering new therapies, which are creating exciting new treatment possibilities.

We shall be the leading cancer center in Dubai and the region to explore and practice excellence in the care of patients with cancer based on the excellence of our people, our evidence based and research driven patient care.

The mission of the AHD Cancer Center is to provide excellence in cancer care through outstanding programs that integrate quality patient care, prevention of cancer, education and research. We are highly motivated to educate others, explore ways to prevent cancer and recruit and retain the best people by creating a culture that encourages, rewards and protects employees. Our priority is to assure that all those at risk for and affected by cancer have access to the highest quality care.

Core Values:
  Team Spirit
Strategic Goals:
Strategic Goal 1: To expand a cancer center of excellence in Dubai and the region and manage the comprehensive care of adult and pediatric patients requiring hematology and oncology services.

Strategic Goal 2: Provide and maintain high quality cancer care for adult and pediatric patients by strictly following US Guidelines

Strategic Goal 3: Promote future research and evidence based practice

Strategic Goal 4: Expand collaboration and communication with other disciplines

Strategic Goal 5: Maintain the Professional Development of highly skillful and competent oncology nurses, pharmacists and health care providers

Strategic Goal 6: Enhance the oncology continuous Quality Improvement Program

Strategic Goal 7: Raise the standards through international affiliations, memberships and certifications

Strategic Goal 8: Retain highly skillful and competent staff in the cancer center

Scope of Practice
The recognition of cancer as a major health problem and the increased incidence of cancer in UAE and the region have lead to the development of oncology practice as a main specialty at the American Hospital Dubai since 2005.  The primary goal of the Cancer Center is to promote cancer prevention and early detection practices, high quality cancer treatment, and to facilitate optimal individual and family functioning throughout the disease trajectory.

The statement on the scope of practice reflects the spectrum of care delivery settings in which the oncology team practices. As cancer therapies have become more aggressive, patients receiving these therapies require more comprehensive care.
Progress in cancer survival has been associated with the development of more effective treatment approaches and more aggressive use of improved supportive care interventions, as well as prevention and control activities.
A major health care change at the AHD is the shift to ambulatory treatment. Patients who once received cancer chemotherapy in the hospital are now receiving complex treatment and care as outpatients at the AHD. However, a cancer therapies have become more aggressive, patients at AHD receiving these therapies might become more acutely ill, often requiring admission to the inpatient for comprehensive care. We do offer continuity of care for our cancer patients through out the disease trajectory. So if any complication arises, we offer a wide range of services to ensure that these complications are addressed and treated appropriately.

The Cancer Care Center focuses on two main areas of care:

Firstly, screening, diagnosis, treatment and care in the field of Oncology for Adults and Pediatric Patients.

Secondly, the center also focuses on Hematology Diseases - the screening, diagnosis and treatment of blood diseases, whether benign or malignant for Adults and Pediatric Patients including but not limited to clotting and bleeding problems, blood count issues such as anemia, hereditary problems such as sickle cell disease and hemochromatosis.

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